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Welcome to Crossfit EFP The Combine

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Getting Started

Want to know the best thing about CrossFit? It’s for EVERYONE. So, whether you're a 5+ year CrossFit veteran or you have never set foot in a CrossFit gym, we’ll meet you where you are. All of our workouts are scalable for that very reason, and we’ll support you every step of the way. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re still going to challenge you and push you when you need it because, let’s face it, improvement and success don’t come riding in on a unicorn galloping over a rainbow.

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What Is Crossfit

Well, on paper, CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, but that’s all relative to YOU. CrossFit is so much more than that though. It’s a community that will motivate you and push you (sometimes out of your comfort zone) and into your true potential. At our CrossFit gym, we are a family.

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Some people say you need motivation to get started. While that can be true, sometimes you just need to start to get motivated. Stop overthinking it. You want change; you need change. We are here to support you on that journey. Have you even stopped to think about what you’re capable of? Day one or one day. What are you waiting for? Check out our membership options for our CrossFit gym below to get started.



Are you new to CrossFit or trying to boost your skill level? CrossFit EFP The Combine offers special classes that you can sign up for or drop in on at our CrossFit gym. Our staff has a variety of CrossFit knowledge, and we’re ready to share in order to help you get into the best shape you’ve ever been in.

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Meet Our Coaches

Good fitness coaching is essential to your CrossFit experience. Our coaches have more than 30 years of combined experience. Get to know Tommy, Hilary, and the rest of our amazing coaches. Learn about their background, history, and training philosophy here.

Our Coaches

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Our Core Values

First and foremost, we value YOU. Our commitment to our community and our members is rooted in our vision to help you succeed and to hold you (along with ourselves) accountable. Discover what drives us and the principles that form the foundation of your CrossFit experience here.

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